…meiguices de lobos e não só…



…como as rosas do meu quintal também choram…

08/09/2004 - Posted by | Diversos

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  1. >Thank you for the rose, that is my middle name.I am a little bit Portuguese. I just found out last month. My daddy is born in America and so was his momma, but I think one or both of my daddy’s grand parents were Portuguese and lived in Brazil and then came to the USA. This is a long time ago. The rest of the relatives were Mexican and American Indian.My momma was 100% Assyrian Grand parents left north west Iran in 1917 (war) I’m just another American though. I only speak English. I understand Assyrian only. I don’t have to speak it because there’s no one to speak to. My whole family spoke English. I lived in a Spanish and German neighborhoods and picked up a little bit of both languages. I only learned a little French to visit many years ago. But I don’t know it good. I won’t go back, they are rude.(Maybe the French are nicer in the south near España, I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.)I was close to your city last year, when I visited A CORUÑA AND SANTIAGO. I also went to Sevilla and Marbella.This is the website I used to translate your poem.http://ets.freetranslation.com/I will continue to view your beautiful photos.Até à próxima,Adios,Ciao,Bye Bye

    Comentar por Meow | 09/09/2004 | Responder

  2. >Ora Viva! e agora EXPLIQUE-ME COMO fez para colocar TUDO AQUI? um e-mail PLEASE!!!! rss e bem podia colocar AGORA (rss) o meu link era simpático UM BOM DIA!!!***

    Comentar por Seila | 09/09/2004 | Responder

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